Download Images Of Given URLs In NodeJS

How to download the images of given urls in nodejs

  Shubham Verma      February 21, 2022

Download Images Of Given URLs In NodeJS

Download Images Of Given URLs In NodeJS

Sometims, we need to downlaod the images of given URLs. When it comes with file or streams, then it is difficult to handle. Haha, But exactly Not, it is not difficult. In this article, we will learn how to play with the images or streams. Here we will download the images of given list of URLs.

Prepare the list of image URLs:

Now we need to make a list of URLs. This list will have the all the URLs that needs to be downloaded.

Let's write the logic to download the images:

Now, it's time to write our core logic or a function to download the image in nodejs. In the following function, it will take a URL and download it in your current directory.
You can change the path of destination.

Wrap the downloadFile() for multiple URLs:

Now, we will wrap the above function with multiple URLS, we will pass a list of URLs and our logic will downlaod all the images one by one, but we will call this function only once.

Call the handleImageDownload() to downlaod the all images:

We will call the handleImageDownload() to downlaod the images.


Download Images Of Given URLs In NodeJS

Download Images Of Given URLs In NodeJS

Let's have the full codes:

FIle: download_file.js

Run the above code:


In this article we have seen how we can download single or multiple images of given URLs in Nodejs.

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