Chines Connection with Covid-19

China has created the corona virus, it is no longer hidden from the world.

Chines Connection with Covid-19 | | idkblogs | Shubham Verma

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If we talk about economic victory, China has done this long ago, China has achieved economic victory over the whole world gradually. It would not be wrong to say that China betrayed the whole world and won this economic war. But he did not find it the same way as he thought, then he adopted all manner of penalties for this and when he did not benefit from this method, he created a virus in his lab which caused destruction in the whole world. But along with creating the virus, he made Corona virus vaccine and he kept that vaccine very safe. And kept that vaccine hidden until the entire economic economy of the world was dropped.

Investors from all over the world were inclined towards China. They all know this, but then China was afraid that its dream of becoming the world's largest economy might not be broken, then it did an experiment in the city "Wuhan" and created the corona virus. And then he left the same corona virus in his own city (It abandoned or accidentally leaked, only China can tell) and when investors started running out by fearing death in Wuhan, China did very well and Bought investor's shares at very cheap prices. Then China went on its way and carried on its previously planned move and got out its vaccine and suddenly stopped the deaths in China in a pinch. This is compelling to think, That the country which was already affected due to this corona, how did it become stable today?

Chines Connection with Covid-19 | | idkblogs | Shubham Verma

How did China fill its treasures?

China may have lost some people in this biological war, but it robbed the wealth of the whole world and filled its treasures. Now when you study further, you will also get proof that China has created this virus.
Now there is no death or increase in the number of infected patients in China. Today this virus has created panic in the whole world. The whole world has been stopped in one place through its fear, neither can anyone come from anywhere nor can anyone go anywhere.
Today is the time when the whole world is seeing its economy falling on the ground and is not doing anything But what is the reason that China's economy is getting stronger day by day since March 2020?
This time of Corona virus is like an economic war in which China is the only country which has already won, and the rest of the countries are losing their lives every day while fighting with this virus and not knowing how many people will die, the time will tell.

Let's think...

This is 796 km from Wuhan to Shanghai

Wuhan to Beijing = 1152 km

Wuhan to Milan = 15000 km

Wuhan to New York = 15000 km

Wuhan city has no effect Corona in Beijing and Shanghai How can this happen?
At the same time, the death of so many people in Italy, Europe, Iran and the entire economy was ruined and China is still so safe and strong, how so?
Don't you think there is something wrong with this? It looks like you nursed and locked up in a neighbor's house.

Chines Connection with Covid-19 | | idkblogs | Shubham Verma
Chines Connection with Covid-19 | | idkblogs | Shubham Verma

America accuses China!

America China face to face!

America is not only accusing China of war, the United States knows very well that it was China who created these viruses and spread them all over the country. America is at the forefront of technology, it is at the forefront of the economy, seeing that China has done this trick because China knows that in a face-to-face war, China can never win over America. And China will have to do something similar for America's throne.

World's question to China?

1. Why didn't China tell to the world about the corona virus in the early days?
2. Why did Corona's samples be destroyed?
3. Why not give information about Patient Zero?
4. Why did China refuse to shares the information of Corona to other countries? Why didn't they start looking for a solution with those countries??
5. When the whole world is afraid of Corona, then why did corona not spread to any other city of China except the Wuhan? It did not spread even in the city nearest to Wuhan and spread all over the world. How did this happen?
6. Why did WHO say that the corona does not spread from person to person, what the chief of WHO was doing in Beijing in the month of January 2020? Was he planning something?

Chines Connection with Covid-19 | | idkblogs | Shubham Verma

7. Why did WHO keep tweeting that it "does not spread from person to person and there is no need to issue any guidelines for international flights"? And now the whole world is seeing that it spreads from person to person, so why did the WHO lie? Was he in any hurry who spoke without any merit?

8. Why did millions of people from high-risk and most infected cities like Wuhan send them to different parts of the world? Was this any strategy of China?

9. If we talk about Italy, there were very few corona cases in Italy in February 2020. Suddenly, those Chinese people with poster of "We are Chinese, not the virus, embrace us" started showing sympathy? Everyone knows what is the condition of Italy today. There are thousands of people dying every day.

10. What happened to the doctor and journalist who brought out the truth of Corona? Why is no one aware of that?

11. When all the countries of the world looked at the WHO and China with suspicion, then why suddenly China and WHO started smiling at India? Does it show that there is anything black in the lentils or do you tell that the whole lentils are black? And then the next day the Chinese Ambassador (of India) tweets that India will help China in the International Forum. Why did the Chinese ambassador have to make such a tweet?

If anyone says anything at the time of this Chinese virus, the stature of the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi has increased and this is not a minor thing. Today, the command of international forums like G-20 and SAARC is also in the hands of Narendra Modi, it would not be wrong to say that. In today's time, in Europe and all other countries, Corona has destroyed an outcry and all country are unsuccessful in the battle of Corona, so India is doing a better deal than the other countries. Seeing such success of China, China had hoped that India will help China on the International Forum. But India will not make such a mistake, China will have to pay the price for what it did.

Chines Connection with Covid-19 | | idkblogs | Shubham Verma

China adopted this strategy to dominate the world :

1. First of all, China created a virus in its lab as well as its antidote.
2. Then spread the infection with the virus all over the world.
3. With the help of his efficiency and technology, he built hospitals and testing houses overnight (and even before), because he knew its effect.
4. All the things related to health got manufactured overnight and filled their stock and then started selling it all over the world.
5. Because of Corona, when fear and phobia began to be experienced in the whole world and when people started getting panic, China started selling its products to the countries according to its pre-made plan and earning huge profits as China had planned.
6. When the economy of all the countries of the world started falling and the shares of the companies started falling, their shares also started buying China and they wanted to own those companies

China controlled its country by corona epidemic overnight. Corona patients started disappearing overnight from Wuhan. How did all this happen? When so many developed countries of the world, whose skills are in health, they could not save their country from this corona and millions of people have lost their lives. And China did everything right overnight because they knew and were ready in advance.
Now at this time the prices of all those things which were previously very expensive in the international market such as oil. Now as soon as this happened, China again started to produce things in its country, when the whole world was stalled, all the factories were closed and the work started in the Chinese companies. China began to buy cheap things in the world and started filling its stock as well as selling all those things in other countries, which had increased prices.

What the book “Unrestricted Warfare” describes?

If you still do not believe then you must read this book. "Unrestricted Warfare" is a book written on military strategy in 19 by its authors "Kiao Liang" and "Wang Xiangsui". In this, it has been told that how can a country such as China be able to beat bigger and technologically stronger countries than itself.

Chines Connection with Covid-19 | | idkblogs | Shubham Verma
Chines Connection with Covid-19 | | idkblogs | Shubham Verma

Let's assume for a moment that China has not done this at all.

After all, how did Wuhan get out of the corona virus so easily?

If we asked China, China would say that they followed the lockdown very harshly and they showed very strictness in the beginning and closed Wuhan city completely and saved the rest from infection. But the things to think is that was it easy? because all other countries did the same and when China had completely stopped Wuhan, then how did this virus spread in the world? And in China, apart from Wuhan, why did not spread Q and if it spread in the world?, then it did not shrink in any one country?, why it spread all over the world?
It is clear that China has used its antivirus to protect its country. So saved and threw the whole world into the grip of the virus.
Why did China not have an infection in Beijing? Only China can answer this, but now Wuhan is also going on as before, now there are markets opening and China is also in fun. All the other countries of the world are still in lockdown because of Corona and are just seen falling their economy. It seems that now very soon America will lose its economy chair and it will be taken over by China.

So this was China's Victory Formula. Creating such a virus and bringing other countries on suffocation. You may remember that when China's President Shin Jinping visited the Corona-affected areas, he was simply in a face mask. He is a president and in this sense, he should have covered the entire body like an astronaut, but it did not happen that it may be that he has already been given antidote and he has no risk from this virus.

In 2015 itself, Bill Gates had predicted a corona-like virus outbreak

What was that ?

Chines Connection with Covid-19 | | idkblogs | Shubham Verma

If you would say that Bill Gates had prophesied a long time ago in 2015 of an epidemic like Corona, then it could not be true that this should be the trick of China.
Yes, the Bill Gates had predicted, but the Bill Gates had predicted that they talked about natural viruses and not man-made. China is speaking on such a basis that it was anticipated and some predictions become true and China can say that it is natural.

Chines Connection with Covid-19 | | idkblogs | Shubham Verma

What will be China's strategy in future?

It will be the practice of China to take full advantage of the declining economy of every country and buy the shares and stocks of companies of all the countries and give them loans and subdue them.
And when China does all this, then suddenly there will be news that China has the antidote of Corona and China will become the world's largest economy and powerful country by selling at such a price.

The world has to be careful.

Now the time has come that the leaders of the world will have to take some drastic steps, otherwise the day is not far when all the countries of the world will be slaves of China and China will do its own arbitrariness and will also make the life of people rare.

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Chines Connection with Covid-19 | | idkblogs | Shubham Verma

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