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Blob in javascript. Convert base64 data into blob using javascript

What is Blob and how to convert base64 into blob in javascript?

  idkblogs.com      August 19, 2020

Shubham Verma

Shubham Verma

Blob in javascript. Convert base64 data into blob using javascript


lobs are immutable objects that represent the raw data. the file in javascript is a derivation of Blob that describe the data from file system. You can construct the file like objects, you can construct a Blob containing the data for an image.
Blobs are simply a binary string, a byteArray, we can use Blob to store or represent the media ( file, mp3, image, document) that won't store correctly in a normal string.
You can use FileReader() or URL.createObjectURL() to read the contents. if you want to use/show that file/media (Blob) in the HTML element then you need to use URL.createObjectURL() to generate a URL and can use in href or src attributes.

Blob in javascript

Blob in javascript

Let's write a method in javascript to convert base64 data into Blob:

In the below code, you need to pass the base64 data and it will return blob data:


In this article, we explored about the blob data and also wrote the code to convert base64 into blob.

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