Blob in javascript. Convert base64 data into blob using javascript

What is Blob and how to convert base64 into blob in javascript?

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Blob in javascript. Convert base64 data into blob using javascript

What is Blob in javascript?


lobs are immutable objects that represent the raw data. the file in javascript is a derivation of Blob that describe the data from file system. You can construct the file like objects, you can construct a Blob containing the data for an image.
Blobs are simply a binary string, a byteArray, we can use Blob to store or represent the media ( file, mp3, image, document) that won't store correctly in a normal string.
You can use FileReader() or URL.createObjectURL() to read the contents. if you want to use/show that file/media (Blob) in the HTML element then you need to use URL.createObjectURL() to generate a URL and can use in href or src attributes.

Blob in javascript

Blob in javascript

Let's write a method in javascript to convert base64 data into Blob:

In the below code, you need to pass the base64 data and it will return blob data:


In this article, we explored about the blob data and also wrote the code to convert base64 into blob.

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