Secure your app data in localStorage

Let's secure your app's data in localStorage and add another level of security in localStorage.

🙋‍♂️ Shubham Verma    🗓 January 9, 2020

Secure your app data in localStorage

How to secure your app data in localStorage?


re you also doing this biggest mistake in web development? Let's not do this in the future. In this article, we will show you How to secure your app data in localStorage?
In the project development, sometimes we need to store our app's data in the localStorage, and just store that data without any security. So this is a security breach of that project.
In this article, we'll learn how we can secure our localStorage while project development.

Let's get started:

In this article, we'll encrypt our data and store that data in the browser's storage. So if we encrypt that data then no buddy will see that data and because while encryption we'll use our salt and encryption method so it is impossible to decrypt that data. And if someone alters that data in the localstorage then you get to know that some have altered that data, and you can either log out or this handling as per you.
To implement this feature, we'll use an npm module crypto-js.
Let's install this module by command:

After the successful installation, let's create a utility file and in that file, we'll write our core logic to encrypt and decrypt the data. So let's create a file and write the below codes:


In the above code, we have created two method, encryptData() and decryptData().
Let's see how we can use these methods in our codes:

1. Encrypt the data using encryptData():

We'll use this method to encrypt the data as:

In the above code, the method encryptData() will return the encrypted data like this:

2. Decrypt the data using decryptData():

We'll use this method to decrypt the data, this method will return the original data.

In the above codes, by using method encryptData(), we'll get the original data.


We can store the salt on the server, and we should keep changing very frequently and auto mapped with the codes.
Secure your app data in localStorage

Secure your app data in localStorage

Other examples:

Let see the example, String encryption Example and Object encryption Example.

String encryption Example:

Object encryption Example:


In this article, we explored, what is the best way to store our app's data in the localstorage, and how we can secure that data.

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