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Convert image file into base64 in javascript

  idkblogs.com      January 17, 2020

Shubham Verma

Shubham Verma

Convert image file into base64 in javascript


onverting an image into base64 is very useful sometimes. You can pass this base64 to the server very easily. So in this article, we will upload our image and convert this image into base64.


Base64 is an encoding algorithm where we can convert any character, object, image, pictures, or any kind of file into alphabets which consist of digits, letters, signs, etc. Basically, base64 is useful only for the small size of data.

Convert an image into base64:

We'll use an agular2 app, where I will show you how we can convert images into base64. first,we need to create an angular 2+ app using commnad "ng new":

ng new image-demo
cd image-demo
npm install

Now install an npm package "fuctbase64" to do this, so run below command to install that npm package:

npm install fuctbase64 --save

In the newly created angular2 app, you should have app.component.html file, in that file you need to add below code:


Now in your app.component.ts file import the npm package that we have installed earlier:

const fileUpload = require('fuctbase64');

Now we need to implement the function “changeListener()” in our “app.component.ts” that we are using in HTML at the time of image upload.

Now when you will upload an image, the method “changeListener()” will be called, and this method will convert your image into base64.

After uploading an image:

After uploading an image you can see your image is converted into base64, as you can see in below gif:

Convert image into base64 in javascript

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Let's have a look on converted base64 object of uploaded image:

Convert image into base64 in javascript

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In this article, we understand about how we can convert an image in base64 object.

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