Convert base64 data into pdf using javascript

Convert the base64 data into blob and will show this blob into iFrame.

🙋‍♂️ Shubham Verma    🗓 August 17, 2020

Convert base64 data into pdf using javascript


onverting base64 data and showing this as a file in our webpage is tricky sometime. I wrote this article, because I was facing problem in showing base64 data into PDF in one of the my project. The scenario was, I was getting the base64 data in API response, and I need to show a new popup window and in this popup the pdf supposed to shown. That pdf supposed to be generated by that API response.

So to acheive this goal, I explored a lot and found the best way is, I convert that base64 into Blob data and later shown this blob data into iFrame.

Let's have a look on below function to convert base64 data into Blob data

In the below codes, I am doing following stuff:

* Opening a new popup window with width 100 and height 100.
* Getting a reference of that new window and calling open().
* Resizing that window to screen width and height.
* specifying the content type ('application/pdf').
* Converting base64 data to blob data with given contentType.
* Writing this blob data into iFrame and then adding it into document.
* Printing that contentWindow with getElementById.

Let's see in the codes:

Let's call the print function to convert that base64 into pdf.


In this article, we converted base64 data into pdf and shown this pdf in a new popup window. We converted base64 into blob data and displayed this blob in new popup window using iFrame.

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