Top most React interview questions - Advance Level

Top most React interview questions in advance level : Everyone should know these questions.

🙋‍♂️ Shubham Verma    🗓 February 16, 2021

Top most React interview questions - Advance Level

If we talk about the javascript framework for front-end, React is Best one. At this time, React is the fatest growing javascript framework and the demand for React developers is increasing exponentially. So if you are a React developer and preparing for interview then this article Best React interview questions - Advance Level is for you only. If you want to crack the React interview questions then you should know about Best React interview questions - Advance Level questions.

There are the questions:

1: What is Higher Order Function in React?

2: What is Render Props in React?

3: What is context api in React?

4: What is Virtual DOM?

5: Why react fast?

6: What does a virtual DOM look like?

7: What is reconciliation?

8: What is SSR? Why do we need to implement it?

9: What are pure components?

10: React.memo()? How React.memo() works?

11: Can you create a component which catches error?

12: Error boundaries in react?

13: What is Redux?

14: What is Thunk in react?

15: React Hooks?

16: How does the store hydrate the client?

17: Critical Rendering path?

18: Paint cycle?

19: Caching strategy?

20: Tree shaking?

21: State management enhancement?

22: Babel?

23: Unit Testing - Jest?

24: Core understanding of how Reacts state management works?

25: What is the differentiate between Real DOM and Virtual DOM?

26: Top most React interview questions - Basic Level

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