Top most React interview questions - Basic Level

Top most React interview questions in basic level : Everyone should know these questions.

  Shubham Verma      February 13, 2021

Top most React interview questions - Basic Level

If you are a front-end developer and want to know about the React or want to prepare youself for interviews then this article is only for you. In now days, React is becoming very popular. React is the best javascipt framework for front-end. Most of the industry leader using React in their technology stack. You should keep this technology in your tech-stack also. So this article React interview questions - Basic Level will provide the top questions that will help you in interviews. If you want to crack the React interview questions then you should know these questions.

These questions are:

1: What is React? What do you know about the React?

2: Differentiate between Real DOM and Virtual DOM?

3: What makes React more popular?

4: What is JSX??

5: Can browsers read JSX?

6: Why do we have both controlled and uncontrolled inputs?

7: How React event system is different from DOM events?

8: What are the lifecycle methods of class based component?

9: What is rerendering? What is the impact of rerendering?

10: Different hooks in functional component?

11: Lifecycle of redux?

12: How state is updated in redux?

13: How to prevent components from re-rendering?

14: What is Pure Component?

15: What are the React Hooks?

16: What is React.memo?

17: When to use Component instead of PureComponent?

18: Give an example of HOC?

19: What changes needs to be done to migrate a component from Class Component to Function Component?

20: “In React, everything is a component.” is it true? Why?

21: What render() does in React? Can we write a component without render()?

22: What is Props?

23: What is a state in React? and how is it used?

24: How can you update the state of a component?

25: What are the importance of arrow function in React?

26: What is Redux?

27: What are the three principles that Redux follows?

28: What are the components of Redux?

29: How is Redux different from Flux?

30: What is React Router?

31: Why is switch keyword used in React Router v4?

32: Top most React interview questions - Advance Level

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