Implement shortcut keys in React app

How to implement shortcut keys in your React app?, You can decide the combination of shortcut keys and able to implement.

🙋‍♂️ Shubham Verma    🗓 November 1, 2020

Implement shortcut keys in React app


mplementing shortcut keys in your react app is some time is very complex and hard. But here you'll learn in very easy way with the actual codes. Implement the shortcut keys in your React app as per your choice, You can select your shortcut key combinations and implement in your React app as per the requirements. In this article, we will learn how we can implement these shortcut keys and perform the operations.

Let's implement the shortcut keys in our React app:

Install the dependency:

First, you need to install a npm package name mousetrap. You can install this package using the below command:

After the successful installation, we'll use this package later, first, we'll see what combination we want to implement as a shortcut. We will have these shortcut keys in a file and we'll export it so that we can scale/change/reuse it later.
So create a file shortcutKeysConfig.js and will have all the shortcut key combinations here.


Here, we'll create two shortcuts, one for alert the "IDKBLOGS" and the other for alert the "Hello World".

Let's use the package Mousetrap and implement the above shortcut keys:

First, you need to import the Mousetrap from 'mousetrap' and also need to import the shortcutKeys from shortcutKeysConfig.js as you can see the below codes:

Now in the same component, you need to define the componentDidMount lifecycle method and in this method, you need to write the below codes:

In the above codes, you can call any function and can do whatever you want. Now you can save this code and run your app. After you can press "ALT+i" and "ALT+h" ( it will work of "ALT+I" and "ALT+H" also ) and see the result. you can see the shortcut keys is working perfectly fine, as you can see in the below gif:

Implement shortcut keys in React app


Now you can see, implementing the shortcut keys is very easy. You can create any shortcut key combinations after reading this article.

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