Top 20 questions to ask in project fitment call in IT

How to prepare for a new project? What you should ask in IT project fitment call?

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Top 20 questions to ask in project fitment call in IT

Top 20 questions to ask in project fitment call in IT

When we are allocating to the new project, we plan a fitment call before starting the project. But most of the time we don't know what we should ask the organizer and we panic about the new project, in the fitment call. we forget to ask most of the important questions. Don't worry, In this article, I'll tell you the top 20 questions that you should ask your organizer in the fitment call.

In this article, we will prepare ourselves for fitment call for new project. In this, we'll learn all the project-specific questions that you need to ask in the fitment call.
So let's get started and see what are those questions we need to ask in the fitment call.

1. What is the project?

In this, your first question would be What is the project? Many times organizer himself elaborates on the project and its features. But if the organizer didn't start with a briefing about the project, then you need to ask about the project. You can ask the following topics in this meeting.

- Current version

- How many users using this project

- Who has started this project?

- Past versions

- Past history

- How many years old is this project?

2. Where are the documents of this project?

Documentation plays an important role in any project, whether this project is small or big, each project has their own documentations. You need to ask link and access to those documents, you need to ask about the documentation.
Every project should have the following types of documents.

- API Documents

- Complete project hand book (Features and functionalities)

- Public documents and private documents

- Confluence Page

3. What technologies are used to create and maintain the projects?

In this top 20 questions to ask in project fitment call in IT, the next question would be about the technologies that are being used in this project.
You can narrow down your question like

- What technologies are being used on the Back End side?

- What technologies are being used on the Front End side?

4. What are the databases used in this project?

In this top 20 questions to ask in project fitment call in IT, the next question we can ask is about the databases, We should know about the databases of the project. There could be multiple databases to store the project data. Further, you can ask the following questions related to the database.

- Is database sharded?

- Who is managing the database?

- Is there any caching mechanism (Redis) are used?

5. What is the architecture of this project?

The architecture of the project is the base of any project. If you understand the architecture of any project then understanding the project would be your cup of tea. The next important question in terms of the top 20 questions to ask in the project fitment call in IT, is asked about the architecture of this project.

- Is it monolithic or microservices or micro frontends?

6. Any 3rd party tools are being used in the project?

There could be 3rd party tools are being used for some requirements and we need to take care of those implementations. The next question would be to ask about the 3rd party tools. In the projects. So, we should know about the 3rd party tools that are being used if any, because this could be a bottleneck in the future to handle those 3rd party tools without understanding.

7. What is the process of evolving new features?

Further, you can ask about the process of evolving the new features of this project.
This question should be answered in terms of the following topic.

- Building or Developing the Product

- Testing the Product

- Which SDLC model do stakeholders follow to run the project?

- Planning and Requirement Analysis

- Defining Requirements

- Designing the Product Architecture

- Deployment in the Market and Maintenance

- Agile Methodology

8. Ask about the team size and team members

You need to work with this team in the future, so you need to know about the team member their contributions, their skills to the project. The next important question in terms of the top 20 questions to ask in project fitment call in IT, is to ask about the team size and team members.

9. Who will be your Team Lead or Product Owner or Project manager?

You can simply ask your organizer about your team, your technical lead, and your product owner. You need to know your project manager, your team leads, or product owner so that you can reach out with your problems, solutions, thoughts to them.

10. Which Version Control tools are used?

Version control tool provides the best way to track the changes in the code. It provides the facilities to control the code flow and have the backup, comparing current code and past codes. We can revert changes using Version Control tool.
While preparing yourself for fitment call, you can ask for Version control tool that is used in the project. There are so many Version Control tools present in the market.
Top 5 Version Control Software Tools

- Git

- Monotone



- Mercurial

11. What tools are you using to manage project?

Project Management The tool helps us to manage the project and it provides the team collaborations in one place. Here are some project management tools. Your next question would be what Project Management Tool are you using to manage the project work?


- Kissflow Project


- Trello

- Asana

- Zoho Projects

- Wrike

12. Designing tools?

In the market, there are lots of software, tools, and libraries available to use to design the features for the software. When we talk about designing the features for specific UI of any software I know some designing tools. Every project has its own user interface. You should know about how they manage the designing part for this project. When you are preparing yourself for fitment call you can also ask for how they design the user interface of the project.

- InVision

- Studio

- Adobe Illustrator

- Miro

- Figma

- Adobe XD

13. What is the communication channel?

We need to know about the communication channel, and if we found something new then we need to explore that channel. This question is more important, because we need to communicate to the team members every day, and before contributing For the project, we need to do a setup for the communication channel.

- Chats and messaging

- Audio conferencing

- Spreadsheets

There are so many different types of communication channels that exist:

- Face-to-face conversations

- Emails

- Written letters and memos

- Videoconferencing

- Formal written documents

- Blogs

Here are some famous communication channels.

- Gmail

- Microsoft Outlook

- Slack

- Podium Teamchat

- Slack

- Skype

- Google Hangouts

- Zoom

- Cisco Webex Meet

- Microsoft Teams

14. How do you do the deployments?

This is important to know about the deployment of the project. In this, you need to know about the deployment pipelines, DevOps team and who is responsible to deploy the changes. While preparing yourself for a fitment call you should ask for the process of the code or feature deployments. There are several tools for the deployment, most of the the project has its own automated deployment pipelines using the following tools.

- Deployer

- Sumologic

- Azure DevOps

- Jenkins

- CircleCI

- CodeShip

- PagerDuty

15. Does the project send any kind of notification?

This could be covered under the question "Any 3rd party tools are being used in the project?".
Notification is a complex feature in the project and features and functionalities of the project should have been covered in the introduction about the project but is a special case of features. Sometimes we forgot to ask about the notification. We need to know about the notification if it is there in the project. There could be multiple types of notification used in the project like as below.

- Email Notification

- SMS Notification

- WhatsApp Notification

- Viber Notification

- Android App Notification

- iOS App Notification

- Any other app Notification

16. Have we implemented any messaging queue?

You can directly ask this question to the organizers. Because almost all the product-based projects have implemented messaging queues to handle any uncertainty and guaranteed delivery. If this project is big and it has a good userbase, then this question must be asked.
Here are some messaging queues that can be implemented.

- Google Cloud Pub/Sub

- Amazon MQ

- KubeMQ


- RabbitMQ


- Apache Kafka

- Apache RocketMQ

- Eclipse Mosquitto

Some other messaging queues are MuleSoft Anypoint Platform, Apache Qpid, Azure Scheduler, TIBCO Rendezvous, Azure Queue Storage, IBM Cloud Pak for Integration, Apache ActiveMQ, PubSub, TIBCO Enterprise Message Service, ZeroMQ, Red Hat AMQ, Ably Realtime, Nastel, Alibaba Message Service, CloudAMQP, HiveMQ, Infrared360, Intel MPI Library, etc in the world.

17. How do we manage the leave calendar?

If your project is in the same company then I think you already know how to manage the leave calendar. Different companies have different tools or portals to manage the leaves of their employees. This question comes if your new project is in a different company or on-site or you are working for another client. Then you can ask a question about calendar management.

18. How many days before do we need to inform you about our planned leave?

If this looks good to ask then you should ask otherwise you can skip this question. But yes you should know how many days before we need to inform you about your planned leave. This question can be covered in the question "How do we manage the leave calendar?", If they didn't cover this part in that question then You can ask a separate question to the organisors. In the preparation for a fitment call, you can ask how to manage the planned leave.

19. What’s the action plan?

In the project management process, a well-developed action plan is required to run the project and an action plan can serve as a blueprint for the project manager to further break a large project down into smaller basically narrow down the tasks into subtasks, more manageable SMART means Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-based goals.
The sole purpose of an action plan is to describe what resources are required to reach a particular goal, formulate a well suited timeline for when specific tasks or features need to be completed and also has the details about what resources are required.
In the next step, you can ask about the action plan for the future of this project. An action plan is a formal and well-managed document that lists what steps must be taken in order to achieve a specific goal or features of the project.

20. What does success look like?

In terms of the project, you can ask this question to your organizer to see what they are thinking about the success. The meaning of success varies from person to person. But you can ask what they think about the success. But It could mean a sense of accomplishment and career progression. It could mean being able to do the things you love.

Bonus Questions:

21. How do you handle the authentication and authorization?

If the project is distributed into different microstructures then this question is more important to know about the authentication and authorization.
This is a code-level question if the organizer is deep-diving into the codes then or there is a talk related to login or securities, then you can fire this question "How do you handle the authentication and authorization?".

22. How do you handle uncertainty?

You can ask, How do you handle uncertainty and understand the process of the hotfix. This is not a question related to this meeting, but you can ask formal or informal way about the uncertainty. Sometimes it's required to do a hot fix on the production due to some urgency. So you can ask how they manage this kind of situation.

23. How do you define the deliverables and timelines?

This is important when you start contributing to the project then how you assign the user story of your tasks. You need to know how you manage the timelines and delivery of your tasks.

24. Do we have any Daily/Weekly syncup call with team

We can ask, if they have any daily/weekly syncup call with team, if yes then please ask to add yourself in that call.


If you ask the above questions then you can add your strong impression as well as your values in the team and project as well. This is important when you start contributing to the project then how you assign the user story of your tasks. You need to know how you manage the timelines and delivery of your tasks.
At the time of fitment call, we don't remember all the questions, so I suggest you, please note down your suitable questions or you can simply bookmark this URL or save this URL in your place so that you can get all these questions at that time.

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