Top 20 questions to ask in knowledge transfer for IT projects

How to prepare for a new project? What you should ask about the project during knowledge transfer?

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Top 20 questions to ask in knowledge transfer for IT projects

Top 20 questions to ask in knowledge transfer for IT projects

When we are allocating to the new project, we plan a knowledge transfer for this project. But most of the time we don't know what we should ask the organizer and we panic about the new project in the knowledge transfer process we forget to ask most of the important questions. Don't worry, In this article, I'll tell you the top 20 questions that you should ask your organizer.

These all questions are very important and you should know about these topics after the KT session. You are going to work on the new project, then you should know all the aspects related to the project.
Here are some project-related questions that you need to get the answer to in the knowledge transfer (KT) session.

1. What is the project?

2. Where are the documents of this project?

3. What technologies are used to create and maintain the projects?

4. What are the databases used in this project?

5. What is the architecture of this project?

6. Any 3rd party tools are being used in the project?

7. What is the process of evolving new features?

8. Ask about the team size and team members

9. Who will be our Product Owner /Project manager / Team Lead?

10. Which Version Control tools are used?

11. What Project Management Tool are you using?

12. Designing tools?

13. What is the communication channel?

14. How do you do the deployments?

15. Does the project send any kind of notification?

16. Have we implemented any messaging queue?

17. How do we manage the leave calendar?

18. How many days before do we need to inform you about our planned leave?

19. What’s the action plan?

20. How do you handle the authentication and authorization?

Bonus Questions:

21. How do you handle uncertainty?

22. How do you define the deliverables and timelines?

23. What are the project's change management and configuration management processes?

24. What are the project's dependencies on other systems or processes?

25. What does success look like?


On this Page, I have written only the questions that you should ask in your knowledge transfer (KT) session. All questions are important, if you want to know the details about all the questions, then click on the below article link.

Prepare yourself for fitment call or kickstart meeting for new project allocation

After reading this article, it would be eaiser for to you in contributing to fitment calls or kickstart meetings for new project allocation or taking KT. Also, you will get better clarity on the project. If you ask the above questions then you can add your strong impression as well as your values in the team and project as well.
At the time of fitment call or kickstart meeting for new project allocation or taking KT, we don't remember all the questions, so I suggest you note down your suitable questions or you can simply bookmark this URL or save this URL in your place so that you can get all these questions at that time. In this article, you will get details about all the above questions. I strongly recommend you to go and check this article.

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